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Weddings comprise an exceptional moment in the life of the newlyweds, as well as of their family and friends. Monemvasia is a dreamy, “fairy-like” place and a destination that will make unique moments like these, unforgettable.

Wedding tourism, as the term has lately been coined, has been on the rise in our country in recent years. Hundreds of new couples not only from Greece, but also from abroad choose very carefully the location, where their new life will begin. The world famous Castle Town has won a special place in their hearts.

Destination weddings have been very popular among many young couples, with Monemvasia being their most favorable spot, as it offers a dreamy like, out of this world setting,  ideal for a wedding ceremony, along with a follow up reception in an amazing background that brings to mind scenes from a fairy tale.

Apart from the unparalleled mediaeval scenery of the Castle Town and its one of a kind churches that undoubtedly take you back in time, Monemvasia fulfills all the necessary requirements  to organize perfectly well , a religious or political wedding that will not only meet but also surpass your expectations.

gamos2016 monemvasia gr inWhy marry in Monemvasia?
If you prefer a religious wedding, wonderful churches with strong historical connotations are situated inside the castle. They all exude a mystical, devout atmosphere with tints of amazing beauty, in combination with splendid settings.

If you are inclined towards a political wedding ceremony (after coming in contact with Monemvasia Municipality) you will find a wide range of fantastic places in the Castle Town, celebrating stunning panoramic views on the Myrtoan Sea or alternatively, well organized halls in the utterly modern, elegant hotels of the area.

Monemvasia celebrates exceptionally high quality hotels along with state-of-the-art companies (providing catering, photography, decoration, florists’, hair dresser’s parlors and so many other services) with a thorough experience and customized, specialized services that respond to the demands of any kind of wedding ceremony, no matter how high the requirements of the couple might be.

As far as the guests are concerned, visiting Monemvasia on the occasion of a wedding ceremony might be a unique experience, as they can perfectly well combine ideally a break for short term vacations, since Monemvasia is the perfect place for short outings all year round, thanks to its ideal climate. What is more, Monemvasia enjoys the highest levels of sunshine in Greece.

Furthermore, the unparalleled atmosphere the castle exudes definitely constitutes the optimal setting for taking photographic shots of the newly married couple with their loving friends and relatives.

The only thing you have to do is just pick your favorite destination. For all the rest, there are experts that will take care of everything and ensure an amazing experience that will be etched in your memory for ever.

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