The visitors of the area can easily combine their holidays in the Municipality of Monemvasia with daily excursions to some of the most important sights of Greece.

Declared as World Heritage Monument by UNESCO, the Byzantine state of Mystras is the top station for all travelers in the Peloponnese. Along with the Monastery of Monemvasia, they are the most impressive monumental groups of medieval Greece, rejuvenating in the eyes of visitors one of the most turbulent chapters of Greek history.

A visit to Mystras includes a stop in Sparta, a glorious and renowned city since antiquity. The capital of Lakonia has an archaeological park with an acropolis, museums and exceptional examples of neoclassical architecture.

Equally exciting is a day trip to Mani. Across the peninsula there are interesting places to visit such as the city of Gythio, the cave of Diros with its lake, the town of Areopoli and, of course, the villages with the characteristic cast-houses such as Vathia.

Holidays in the Monemvasia area can also be easily combined with excursions to two nearby islands. Especially fast is access to Elafonisos thanks to the frequent itineraries that connect Pounta beach in 15 minutes with the island. The most famous attraction is the famous beach of Simos with the famous sand dunes.

Beautiful beaches, impressive medieval monuments and even waterfalls can be found in Kythira, which are connected by regular ferry service in less than an hour with Neapolis.

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