This tour explores the far south of the Monemvasia municipality, the area lying between Neapoli and Cape Maleas. It stands out for its rugged natural beauty and features plenty of choices for swimming and hiking due to its numerous beaches and paths.

The first stop is at Agios Nikolaos, just south of Neapoli. This lively village, among the largest in the area, boasts a large church overlooking the coastline.

A short drive through the olive grove of Agios Nikolaos leads to the next stop. Profitis Ilias is a tiny fishermen’s settlement with a picturesque port. Overlooking the village is the church of the same name.

Recommended beach: Rismari

A detour northwards leads to the rock climbing area of Zobolo.

However, the most interesting spot lies further to the southeast: A dirt road leads to the Petrified Forest, a rare sight of trees turned into stone over a period of millions of years. The fossilized flora took its present form when trees and other plants were submerged under the sea. One can admire the root knots, the tree trunks and petrified mollusks that are found along the coast.

Several beaches are located right next to the Petrified Forest and this is also the starting point of one of the area’s most attractive hiking paths leading to the secluded Aghia Irini Monastery of Cape Maleas.

Recommended beaches: Aghia Marina beaches

Driving Route – Vatika 2

This route stops at:

  • – Aghios Nikolaos Vion
  • – Zobolo Rock Climbing Area
  • – Profitis Ilias
  • – Petrified Forest

Total distance from first to last stop: 10km

Distance from Monemvasia to the first stop: 46km

Distance from Neapoli to the first stop: 8km

Distance from Plitra to the first stop: 44km

Distance from Kiparissi to the first stop: 97km

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