The mansion Liotrivi was for over 100 years the country house of the family Ritsos, until 1930 when the family moved in Athens. It was the beloved country house of the poet, often mentioned in his poems, remembering nostalgic his childhood. After 1930, the mansion was converted into a traditional olive oil mill, which functioned until 1962. Now it is a museum where you can see all the authentic machines and where you can learn about the traditional methods of producing extra virgin olive oil. On the upper floor you can find a poetry area where you can read (Greek and English) from the vast collection of the poet, enjoying the magnificent view from the famous Liakoto. In the old mansion, you can also find an exposition of traditional hand made products and a cellar with local wines.

Guided tasting wines are made only by appointment.

The visit of the museum is free of charge, no ticket.

The guided tours are also in English. .



Liotrivi is located in Velies Monemvasia and has ample parking for its visitors.

”Liotrivi” museum is part of ”Liotrivi Hotel”

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