Honeymoon Trips

Monemvasia has long been a favourite with couples attracted by the variety of options available for recreation in a striking landscape, with plenty of accommodation choices in a romantic atmosphere – the ideal setting for an unforgettable honeymoon.

The famous fortress town is one of the most romantic tourist destinations in Greece, whether in summer or winter, due to the unique aura pervading the medieval fortress that has been inhabited continuously up to the present.

Newly marrieds will find plenty to do – swimming at isolated beaches, visits to the region’s historic sites, exploring the Peloponnese’s natural beauties or playing aquatic sports. The webpages on this portal contain a wealth of information about the entire range of activities for visitors.

Romantic Escapes

Monemvasia has become popular in recent years for couples looking for a romantic holiday, firstly with Athenians who kept coming back for weekends in summer and winter. Now visitors come from all over Greece and from abroad.

Many of the couples who choose Monemvasia just want to hide away in one of the old mansions that have been restored and converted into love nests, or else stay in one of the many comfortable hotels in the region.  Others take advantage of their visit to explore the beautiful landscape and beaches.

The idyllic setting is complemented by numerous bars and tavernas, both within the fortress town and in many other parts of the municipality. Special mention should be made of the delicious local wine.

Our suggestions for five-day holidays in the Monemvasia region provide many ideas for enjoying a romantic escape.