Olive oil is the main crop in the region covered by the Municipality of Monemvasia, and is closely linked with its history.

It is the main source of income for most farmers, with a total annual output amounting to some 8,000 tons, 99 percent of which is classified as extra virgin, the highest level of quality.

This is due to the climate, the cultivation methods used, the dozens of ultra-modern modern olive presses, but above all to the farmers’ own passion for their product.Most of the olive oil is produced in accordance with the principles of integrated management and a large number of olive groves are accredited as being organically farmed.The varieties of olives grown are mainly Koroneiki and Athinolia which product a fruity-flavoured oil; the Koroneiki has a slightly more bitter and spicy aroma than the Athinolia. A blend of the two varieties is greatly sought after on the international market due to its balanced flavour and concentration of nutritional benefits.

The olive harvest begins in the first 10 days of October around Neapoli and continues until mid-March, mainly on the plain around Molai.

The entire process from harvesting to pressing is an interesting experience for visitors. The flavour of fresh olive oil on a slice of toasted bread is a gastronomic delight.


Bottled local olive oil is available from stores selling traditional products, or can be bought directly from the producers or standardising agents.

Epidaurus Limera Farming Cooperatives Consortium, Sykia, tel: 27320-71215, www.kasell.gr

Selected Olive Oil ”OliPoint”, www.olipoint.gr

Sotirali Farm, Kambos, tel: 27340-47625, www.sotirali.gr

Malva Olive Oil, Aghios Nikolaos Monemvasia, tel: 27320-53046, www.oilmalva.gr

Renieri Olive Groves, Finiki, tel. 27320-83135, www.renieris.eu

Tzavas-Stamatakos Nikolaos Farm, tel: 27320-23163, www.rinia.gr

” Archegono ” Ladex Olive Oil, tel: 6972878007, www.ladex.gr

”Mana Gea” Olive Oil, tel: 2105615650, www.managea.gr

Aghi Apostoli Vion Farmers’ Cooperative, Aghii Apostoli, tel: 27340-47110

Products from Olive Oil:

Malea Elea Soap, Natural soap from virgin olive oil, Neapoli, www.maleaelea.gr

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