A unique, unpolluted environment, the absence of factories and a strong farming tradition have provided ideal conditions for the growth of organic farming and livestock breeding in the Municipality of Monemvasia.

Local organic producers of high quality products, cultivated with respect for environmental protection, include extra virgin olive oil, table olives, wine, citrus fruits, vegetables, honey, dairy products and poultry, in accordance with accrediation procedures established by the European Union.


Visitors may contact the producers directly.

Sotiralis Farm, Kambos, tel.:27340-47625, www.sotirali.gr

Malva Olive Oil, Aghios Nikolaos, Monemvasia, tel.:27320-53046, www.oilmalva.gr

Renieris Olive Groves  , Φοινίκι, tel.:27320-83135, www.renieris.eu

Nikolaos Tzavas – Stamatakos Farm, tel.: 27320-23163, www.rinia.gr

Archegono Olive Oil, Ladex, tel: 6972878007, www.ladex.gr

Monemvasia Winery, Velies, tel.: 27320-53096, www.malvasiawines.gr

Biogreco Organic Chickens, Daimonia, tel: 2731035667, www.biogreco.gr

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