The huge coastline of Municipality of Monemvasia offers to the visitor a lot of beaches suitable for water sports.

In the area there are ideal sites for windsurfing & kitesurfing. These sites gather professional and amateur athletes from all over the world.

The impressive and rich bottom of Myrtoan Sea, Cape Maleas and Laconian Gulf, touches anyone that loves swimming. Free diving exploration, that is with a simple swim mask and a snorkel, of the submerged cities in Plytra and Pavlopetri is also a unique experience.


Greek waters provide endless delights for divers, and the coastline of the Municipality of Monemvasia – on the Myrtoon Sea, Cape Males and the Gulf of Laconia – is no exception.

There are two unique underwater sights that are a must for any underwater explorer – the remains of the submerged prehistoric town of Pavlopetri right on the beautiful beach of Pouda, and the partly submerged ancient town at Plytra, an attractive coastal settlement.

Due to the historical importance of both these archaeological sites, diving is only permitted with mask and snorkel, and not with scuba equipment.

All swimmers will enjoy the beauty of the seabed and variety of marine life to be seen at most of the region’s beaches.


Municipality of Monemvasia coastline

windsurfing- kitesurfing

In the numerous beaches of the Municipality of Monemvasia one can find some of the best windsurfing and kitesurfing spots in Greece. Many well known windsurfers visit these beaches every year to enjoy the conditions.

The variety of the conditions in regards to the quality (wave, flat, chop), and the wide range of wind intensity offer different terrains that meet the needs of each athlete, according to their skills and requirements. Depending on the direction of the wind, the beaches are transformed into magical playgrounds for the lovers of these sports, at all levels.

On the positive characteristics, the endless sandy beaches and the water temperature should be added. The latter remains fairly high throughout the year due to the climate and geography of the area. Of course, it should be noted that there are currents in the area and safety rules should always be applied and appropriate equipment should be used at all times.



Magganos Beach and Pounda Beach
Magganos Beach is located near Neapoli, less than one km away from the village of St. George. The beach is accessible all the way across the coastline.

Endless beach, perhaps the best in the area for windsurfing with NE winds (known as Meltemi), with intensity ranging from 3 Bft to 9 + Bft. Attention should be given in strong winds conditions, as the course is side shore with a slight slope off, as well as in extreme circumstances because of the existence of currents. With North wind the terrain is from flat to fairly choppy (bump and jump), depending on wind intensity. As the wind direction is from the land, big waves do not get formed and the wind can get gusty.

For kitesurfing ideal winds are W, SW, and N. The conditions are side off, side shore and on shore respectively. In these winds there are wave conditions.

Neighbouring to Magganos Beach is the easily accessible Pounda Beach, located near Elafonisos. Renowned for its emerald waters and fine sand, it gives the feeling of an exotic beach.

The conditions are similar to Magganos. With NE wind, between Pounda and Pavlopetri one can find the perfect conditions for windsurfing, as a windsurfing champion once mentioned. Magnificent landscape, perfect flat and green waters.

For kitesurfing ideal winds are W, SW, and N. The conditions are side off, side shore and on shore respectively. In these winds there are wave conditions.
Attention – South of Pavlopetri it is dangerous and forbidden to practice windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Pori Beach
Windsurfing enthusiasts can take advantage of the summer winds to enjoy the sport at Pori Beach in Monemvasia, which offers satisfactory conditions with NE and E winds. With these winds, the course is side on. The spot is not suitable for kitesurfing.

Harahia Beach
The beach is located near the picturesque village Archangelos, and is more suitable for kitesurfing. The beach is only recommended for very experienced riders, as there are many waves (with height that can reach 3-4 meters) and in some places there are rocks. The spot is ideal with S and SW winds and the course is on shore and side on respectively.

Windsurfing and kitesurfing schools, as well as equipment rental stores are not available in the area. Windsurfers and kitesurfers must have their own equipment, relevant experience and be aware of and take all appropriate safety measures.


Magano Pounta Pori Harahia