There are three museums in the Municipality of Monemvasia, the most important being the Monemvasia Archaeological Collection in the Monemvasia fortress, showing the town’s historical development from the early Christian era until the Turkish occupation.

A quite different aspect is presented in the two folklore museums at Riechia and Velies, where the exhibits relate the customs prevailing in the region, the way agricultural communities in the Peloponnese lived in centuries past. Very intrestin is also tha workin Talanta Watermill and Liotrivi (renovated old olive mill)

Also, there is a small but most interesting silver and goldsmiths’ museum in the main street of the Monemvasia fortress.

Riechia Folklore Museum

The Riechia Folklore Museum was established in 1985 thanks to the efforts of local resident Giorgos C. Belesis.

Exhibits focus on the culture and history of the surrounding Zarakas region and include agricultural tools, handcrafts, costumes, photographs of social life in times gone by and from the lives of emigrants, along with publications from the period between the two World Wars.

The museum now belongs to the Municipality of Monemvasia and is housed in a two-storey stone building that is a typical example of the architecture of Zarakas.

Riechia is 23 kilometres from Molai and 33 kilometres frim Monemvasia.  The museum is opposite the primary school. Parking space is available, and there is a bus service from Molai.


Open all year by appointment with the supervisor, Ms. Panagiota Lagi. Tel: (+30) 6973072475, (+30) 2732051121

Free entrance

Liotrivi (olive mill)

The mansion Liotrivi was for over 100 years the country house of the family Ritsos, until 1930 when the family moved in Athens. It was the beloved country house of the poet, often mentioned in his poems, remembering nostalgic his childhood. After 1930, the mansion was converted into a traditional olive oil mill, which functioned until 1962. Now it is a museum where you can see all the authentic machines and where you can learn about the traditional methods of producing extra virgin olive oil. On the upper floor you can find a poetry area where you can read (Greek and English) from the vast collection of the poet, enjoying the magnificent view from the famous Liakoto. In the old mansion, you can also find an exposition of traditional hand made products and a cellar with local wines.

Guided tasting wines are made only by appointment.

The visit of the museum is free of charge, no ticket.

The guided tours are also in English. .



Liotrivi is located in Velies Monemvasia and has ample parking for its visitors.

”Liotrivi” museum is part of ”Liotrivi Hotel”


Days and hours of operation:
Please call

Phone:(+30)27320 53060
Fax: 27320 61391

Free entrance