The archaeological site or fortress of ancient Zarakas is on the northern side of the Gerakas inlet right behind the village, where traces of prehistoric habitations have been found.

Still visible are parts of the ancient wall and sections of homes, probably dating from the Hellenistic and later periods.

According to Pausanias (1, 38, 4), the site was named after the hero Zarikas, son of Petraios, the king of Karystos and a friend of Apollo, who founded a town there between 1300 and 1200 BC



The fortress lies 20 km north of Monemvasia, about 20 minutes by car.

Park in the small square just outside the settlement and then walk up the surfaced road to the left towards the fortress.

There is a bus service from Molai twice a week.

Port of Gerakas


Always open

Free entrance

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