Active visitors will especially appreciate this route, as it combines two outstanding beaches, one on the mainland and one on the island of Elafonisos.

Located only a few minutes from Neapoli lies παραλία ‘Πούντα’, one of the area’s most attractive beaches. It has fine sand and dunes that are hiding the remnants of a prehistoric town, parts of which have sunk thousands of years ago in shallow water and can be easily spotted with snorkels. The ruins of this ancient settlement extend to the islet of Pavlopetri a few metres offshore. Right behind the beach are the wetlands of Λιμνοθάλασσα “Στρογγύλη” attracting seasonally large numbers of birds. Pounta is also popular with windsurfers.

Recommended beach: Pounta

Next to Pounta is the pier of the ferry that transports people and cars to the nearby Elafonisos Island in 15 minutes. Elafonisos boasts one of the most popular and celebrated beaches in Greece named Simos with its signature sand dunes. Distances are small on the island, thus allowing day visitors to easily explore Elafonisos.

Recommended beach: Simos

Driving Route – Vatika 3

This route stops at:

  • – Pounta
  • – Elafonisos

Total distance from first to last stop: 6km

Distance from Monemvasia to the first stop: 35km

Distance from Neapoli to the first stop: 14km

Distance from Plitra to the first stop: 32km

Distance from Kiparissi to the first stop: 86km

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