Archangelos is one of the most characteristic and picturesque coastal settlements in the Peloponnese. Its low-key charm, along with its Blue Flag beach, attracts people looking for a relaxing holiday; it’s particularly suitable for families.

Fishing caiques that dock in the village port every night keep the restaurants well-supplied with fresh fish.

The village was founded in 1811 by Bishop Chrysanthos Pagonis, who described the site as “most pleasing”. Today there is a hotel, rooms to rent and friendly cafe-bars.

Archangelos’ central position provides easy access to most of the important sights in the region, for day trips to Monemvasia, Neapoli, Elafonisos, the villages of the Asopos area, Molai and Gerakas.



Archangelos is the seaport for the village of Daimonia, accessible from two directions.

The first is from the north, along the road from Papadianika to Neapoli. About 10 km after Papadianika, turn right at the coastal church of Aghia Marina and follow the shoreline past Daimonia coast.

If approaching from Neapoli or Monemvasia, turn left down towards the coast three kilometers after Elika.

There is plenty of parking space on the perimeter of the village, with parking for tourist coaches 200 m. past the square.

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