The sea around Monemvasia Municipality is a diving paradise for amateur divers, both beginners and advanced. Two sunken cities with extremely high historical and diving interest (Plytra and Pavlopetri) lie in this sea area, as well as two shipwrecks –one on the side of the Aegean Sea and the other on the side of the Laconian Gulf. These shipwrecks date back to the ancient years and to more recent times respectively and can be exquisite diving destinations that can offer unique images, for all divers. A short record of the aforementioned places, along with valuable information have been kindly given to us by Christos Poulakis-owsi-317962- and are available here.

We have chosen five diving spots in the Aegean Sea and five in the Laconian gulf, which provide a high degree of difficulty and address high level divers (20m depth).


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In the Laconian gulf

  • Neapoli: Diving in the “Kaptan Ismail Hakki” shipwreck, which sunk on 30th January 1978, in the gulf of Agia Marina? Words are not enough to describe this amazing place, as the only feelings you will experience are deep awe and admiration!!! It is easily accessible, if you actually swim to the very place. The 30metres shipwreck, can be spotted at a range of 3m depth –the minimum- to 12m depth- the maximum- while, it still remains in an excellent condition and thus constitutes an utterly ideal experience for beginner divers. You should only choose the right day and time to visit it, since it lies very close to Cape Maleas, where the weather is very changeable.
  • Bozas beach (Asopos): wonderful, sandy beach; ideal for swimming. The area claims the existence of the ancient city Asopos, which archaeologists have verified.
  • Archangelos Beach (to the edge): This special, sandy beach has the credit of a blue sea flag; its sea bed is sandy, full of sea life and it is easily accessible.
  • Shipwreck in Plytra: This is a unique diving place! Access is possible only by boat and it is 5-7 minutes away from Plytra. The seabed is impressive, while divers swim around a shipwreck with a very interesting story! In the night of the 26th – 27th of April 1941, her captain Rigas Mattheos anchored the ship in Xili bay. There were 120 soldiers on board, coming from Githio with a destination to Crete via Kythira. At dawn and while all the soldiers were on shore, german aircraft assaulted the ship, till she sank.
  • Elia beach: Accessing this place is really easy, while its beautiful seabed is delightful and absolutely rewarding!

In the Aegean Sea

  • Kiparissi, Megali Ammos. Easily accessible, utterly beautiful, while its sea bottom brings to mind tropical islands. The diver will see a great variety of Mediterranean rock fish, seals occasionally and on a lucky day maybe a careta- careta may make an appearance!
  • Kiparissi, 1st Skali (Megali Ammos): Access to the beach only by boat (1-2 minutes from Megali Ammos). The sea bed brings to mind coral reefs, with many surprises, like sea turtles and Mediterranean seals. During spring and fall time, there are schools of bream passing by.
  • Monemvasia (to the pavestone towards the Castle): Easy access to a place with a rich sea bed morphology and remarkable sea life.
  • Kremidi beach (near the Castle Town). An isolated, small beach with a quite virgin sea bed considered to be the definition of the Mediterranean seascape.
  • Balongeri beach, (at the edge of the beach) near the village Richia. Its waters are green and cold, while the scenery is unadulterated, as it has not been tainted by touristic activity. Having access to the actual diving place is not very easy, but once you get there, the rich underwater life is undoubtedly utterly rewarding.

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