Thanks to its vast coastline and its rich, in contradictions natural beauty, Monemvasia Municipality is one of the few areas in Greece that has such a big number of splendid and at the same time different beaches. Large sandy beaches or full of pebbles, organized, with Blue Flag awards, isolated and remote, easily accessible or well hidden, Monemvasia has its own vacations suggestion.
This suggestion has mainly to do with teal, crystal clear waters, regardless of the fact that the background may be rocky or full of lush slopes and mountains. It is not only the seven beaches (Neapoli, Archangelos, Pachia Ammos in Plytra, Monemvasia, Pori, Tigania and Megali Ammos in Kyparissi) that were awarded with the Blue Flag this year, a reward not only for the excellent quality of their crystal clear waters but also for the high degree of safety and organization the visitors enjoy.


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