From “Russian” shores to underground caves: what to look for as a Russian tourist in Greece



Those who liked Mystra, but abandonment seemed too sad, definitely need to go to the islet of Monemvasia. There is almost the same city as in the vicinity of Sparta, also founded by the Byzantines, but quite populated and with an active tourist life. Even those who did not know much of history but love to drink, have probably heard of Monemvasia. In Western Europe, it is known by the name Malvasia, the famous wine of the same name was produced here.

In Monemvasia people who work in the tourism industry, actually live there, including restaurateurs, owners and sellers of souvenir shops, hoteliers, guides. But a non-poor person who is far from this business, who wants, for example, to spend his old age in the unique scenery of the old city, can buy housing in the town. The most inexpensive apartment costs about 800 thousand euros. The price includes the cost of beautiful sunsets. At sunset hour, Monemvasia can compete in beauty with the Greek capital of sunsets – the village of Oia on the island of Santorini.

This town is hard to forget. In the twilight hour, you need to climb to the top of the mountain to see it all in purple evening light, standing on the porch of the restored Byzantine church of Hagia Sophia. Tiled roofs, old stones, blue sea and stunning silence. I want to return to Monemvasia again. Even harder to leave her forever. So the chef of the most visited restaurant of the town could not. He emigrated to Brazil and even got married there, but missed the narrow streets and cozy light from small windows and returned. He has the most delicious feta soufflé, fried eggplant and baklava.


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