One of the most impressive parts of the Castle Town is the renowned “Voltes” (strolls), which connect the Upper with the Lower Town.
Not only do they offer amazing views, both on the steep rock, on the Castle Town and on the endless blue sea. But they also constitute a route, which has not changed throughout time and offers the visitor of the area a unique experience; the feeling of being part of the amazing history of this magnificent mediaeval city. The fortified ascent has not changed, since the Byzantine years. It was and still remains a wide winding cobble street setting off from the rock, protected by a bailey on the seaside. In the middle of this route, it is reported that there were two intermediary gates along with the tower with the entrance gate leading to the Upper Town.
This layout constituted the conquest of the city almost impossible.
“Voltes” is the only way that unites the Lower with the Upper Town in the Castle Town, while the ascent takes no more than 20 minutes.

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