Kiparrisi is one of the most magnificent destinations in Monemvasia. 
The impressive route to Parnonas, with sweeping views of the Myrtoan Sea as a background, is breathtaking. 
Green-clad hillsides, serpentine routes through pine trees and vertical wild cliffs.
Breathtaking precipice and wonderful, panoramic views of the deep blue of the sea.
At the same time, you get predisposed for what will come next. 
Kiparissi will not disappoint even its most demanding visitors. 
Three settlements (Vrysi, Paralia, Mitropoli) make a match at the lap of the shadow of the huge and imposing massif.
The white houses with the blue windows by the sea, the small courtyards, the winding paths, the narrow streets make a magical image. 
An image that does not refer to a laconic landscape mostly, as the feeling of an insular landscape is dominant in the area.

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