The ancient city of Epidaurus Limera, with its impressive walls is situated at the north of contemporary Monemvasia. 
The city extends to a rocky hillside, near the coast, while its walls include the two peaks and the level southwestern slope of the hill.
According to travelers, in a one hundred stadion distance from Epidaurus, Zarax was located. (1 stadion=185m.approximately)
The ancient city of Zarax sits in the area northeastern of Gerakas bay, where Zarax’s double wall has been saved. 
The external fortification enclosure defined the ancient city, while the internal defined the acropolis, at the eastern part of the town.
Near the border, where Arcadian Kynouria, contemporary Kiparissi, is located, the ancient city of Kyfanta was situated, where the very high wall of the acropolis has also been saved and is still admired today.

* All information along with the photographic material derived from the website of the Archaeological Museum of Neapolis Vion 


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