The watermill in Talanta

Visit the inland part of Monemvasia and discover the traditional villages that have retained their old physiognomy intact throughout the years. 

The surprises that will amaze you in this marvellous place are numerous. The watermill in Talanta is one of them.

The waters of Talanta have been the driving force for the 11 watermills that have been operating in the region for decades, while the watermills have apparently been a precious source of wealth for its inhabitants.

Thousands of villagers not only from Talanta but also from all over the area used to grind their wheat at the mills.

Today, there is only one watermill in operation; the water mill in Talanta, a building of unique beauty, renovated in 2006, which still keeps the grinding craft alive. 

Those, who wish to enjoy these magnificent natural sceneries, discover the secrets of the grinding craft and the operation of the mill, can visit the watermill in Talanta every Sunday morning (open from 10:00 in the morning).

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