10 things to see on visiting Monemvasia

Monemvasia is an exquisite tourist destination, comprising the ideal place for weekend outlets, several-day excursions or visits, throughout the year, giving you the chance to enjoy a leisure break, plenty of activities, adventure or even isolation. Monemvasia responds to all prerequisites and wishes to the full.

Here are the top 10 things one should see when visiting Monemvasia.

1. Elkomenos Christos and Panagia Chrysafitissa squares are two places one should definitely visit in Kato Polis. The landscape and the general feel will not only amaze you, but will also “transfer” you back in time in the history of the Castle Town.

Castle Town

2. Follow Voltes, the serpentine backstreet, to reach Ano Polis and tour the neighborhood that recent archaeological works have designated. A visit to the temple of Agia Sophia is more than a must. The sweeping views of Kato Polis from that very point and the endless turquoise of the sea are just mesmerizing.

Ano Polis

3. Stop over Gerakas, not only to admire its wetland or relish exquisite food in its little scenic taverns, but also in order to visit the one and only fiord in Greece, as well as the once renowned byzantine port, from where the excellent quality Malvasia wine was exported. The exporting activity and trade of Malvasia wine that took place in the port gave it the name Porto delle Botte, (port of the bottles).


4. The utterly extraordinary route to Kyparissi should not be missed. The enjoyable route to the wild and craggy massif of mount Parnon and the amazing views to the Myrtoan Sea, will give you the impression that you are hovering above ground. At the end of the route, Kyparissi, the marvelous Aegean Sea settlement offers exceptionally scenic views rewarding your walking strain!


5. A visit to Monemvasia should undoubtedly include Neapolis, too. The Archaeological Museum of Neapolis displays the historic legacy of the area, while the Nautical Museum shows the strong bonds that bind Vatika with the sea. A stroll round the alleys of the city and its beach front along with visits to the neighboring villages Faraklo and Lahi, from where you will adore the sweeping panoramic views to Neapoli, the flatland of Vatika, Elafonisos, and even the island Kythira, should unquestionably be part of your program.


6. A visit not to miss is to Kastania cave. Tucked away somewhere between the villages of Kastania and Ano Kastania, at the shadow of the eastern end of mount Parnon, the cave, which constitutes a geological “miracle” dating 3 million years back in time, is absolutely impressive, as it forges the ideal background for an emotional blending of the subtle hues of imagination and reality that only this “gem” of Monemvasia creates.

Kastania Cave

7. The petrified Palm forest of Agios Nikolaos is another amazing destination. It is a one of a kind creation of Nature and an exceptional landscape of unparalleled beauty, in which trunks from the once petrified Palm forest (palm trees, coniferous and wide-leaf trees) – some of which emerge from the sea- mix with rare fossil shell imprints, seaweed and mollusks, while the ragged scenery of Kavomalias with its cobalt blue waters in the background form images to die for.

Petrified Palm forest of Agios Nikolaos

8. Follow the most famous hiking route of the region, from the breathtakingly beautiful Velanidia to the world famous Cape Maleas. The route that goes through a natural landscape renowned for wild beauty sceneries leads to the masonry Maleas lighthouse constructed in 1860. The lighthouse constitutes one of the most famous and important lighthouses of the Greek lighthouse network. If you are a hiking fan, you should also pick the route from the petrified Palm forest to the pilgrims of Kavomalias. The pilgrims are considered to be the focal part of Small Athos, named thus because of the numerous little churches and ascetic monasteries scattered in the whole area of Vatika bringing to mind Mount Athos.

9. The Municipality of Monemvasia spreads over the biggest coastline in Greece. The road trip to Laconia Gulf, from Elia to Neapolis is full of unique natural sceneries, like Plytra and the sunken City, Archaggelos with its amazing grace and the tropical waters in Vilglafia.


10. The numerous inland villages in Monemvasia have retained the identity of this wonderful place along with its traditional inheritance intact throughout time. Larnaka gorge in Molaoi, the traditional Watermill in Talanta and the unforgettable memory of Giannis Ritsos in Velies are but a few of the strikingly remarkable places you can visit!


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