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Leading from the village of Talanta through a gorge where once there were over 10 functioning watermills, this impressive route heads north from the central village street, behind the former town hall and the church of Aghia Triada, along a cobbled path leading to  the first mill which has been restored, along with its surroundings, and is once more in operation.

The path continues along the stream bed, leading to a small waterfall about 450 m from the beginning of the path, and continues on downstream, via a few diversions around natural obstacles; in some places progress is facilitated by ropes put in place by the local mountaineering club and cultural association.

The path passes by some 11 abandoned mills, examples of a pre-industrial age and a time when the village economy was flourishing. About 2,000 m past the waterfall the main gorge merges with other streams to form a river in more open terrain; here in summer the dry riverbed is used as a road. About 4,450 m further on the route ends on the beach at Harahia.


Category Mountain trek
Route Trek
Length (m) 7,019
Terrain (m) Path 6,874
Unsurfaced road 149
Surfaced road
Altitude (m) start 165
finish 2
Altitude (m) lowest 2
highest 165
Slope (average %)
Overall direction NW, then SW
Difficulty 3 (1-5)   altaltalt
Signposts YES
Beauty 4 (1-5)   altaltaltalt
Drinking water NO
Vegetation 4 (1-5)   altaltaltalt
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