A special pilgrimage in a very sacred and peaceful environment. This little church stands under tall trees at the end of a large natural clearing surrounded by dense vegetation. It was once the main church of a monastery, amid three other churches now in ruins. Taken together, their construction resembles that of the Pentagia church in Kouno, Mani. The icon screen and other surfaces have been whitewashed, although it is believed to have been decorated in the mid-14th century. Although a provincial monument, it appears to be in the style of larger late Byzantine sites in the Peloponnese. The eyes of the saints in the frescoes have been effaced, probably by conquerors.

According to testimonies of local inhabitants, a massacre of women and children occurred here during the Turkish occupation.



At the end of hiking route D8. After about 7 km on the road from Neapoli towards Velanidia, at the top of Mt Vavila, turn left into the dirt road that leads down into the valley. The church is about 1.4 km from the turnoff from the main road.

In a valley below Mt. Krithina, on the way to Velanidia.
Free entrance. Open at all times.


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