Zarakas is situated at the northeastern end of the Municipality of Monemvasia, where Mt. Parnon drops down into the crystal waters and beaches of the Myrtoon Sea, creating rugged virgin landscapes and some of the loveliest hiking trails.

Picturesque Kyparissi is the most well-known settlement, a favourite with holiday-makers. A rock climbing area has recently been established in the surrounding cliffs.

Gerakas, set in a winding fjord that terminates in a wetland is a popular anchorage for sailors who relax at its dockside fish tavernas and cafes.

The small mountain villages of Zarakas are set in landscapes of a rugged beauty.

Pilgrims from all over the world visit the Evangelistria Monastery at Gerakas, while simple, stark white chapels have been attracting the faithful for centuries.

The Folklore Museum in Riechia is a repository of the customs and traditions of the region. Visit these and other monuments that bear witness to Zarakas’ history, and listen to the myths and legends still told by locals by the fireside on wild winter nights.

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