The chapel of Aghios Ioannis Theologos (the Theologian) is 2.5 kilometres north of Harakas on a small enclosed plateau.

It is a tiled structure built during the 18th century, according to oral history, and renovated in 1958 by devout local residents.

A rectangular building standing beside it, in good condition, is divided into small rooms used for habitation, supporting the belief that this was once a monastery.

It is supposed to have been built by inhabitants of the island of Spetses as an offering after they were saved from a shipwreck near Pyliza, along with the unexplained reappearance at the site of the saint’s icon from its home on Spetses. Today the icon is displayed in the parish church of the Three Holy Hierarchs in Harakas.

For a spectacular view over the valley, enormous rock formations and the Myrtoon Sea, walk back to Harakas along a stone-flagged path that runs parallel to the cliff at Stavros.



The church is reached along a surfaced road leading from the centre of Harakas. Turn left at the signpost. The church is about 10 minutes away. There is plenty of parking space. No public transport is available.

The church is open at all times.

Free entrance


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