The Byzantine church of Agios Athanasios, dedicated to Virgin Mary, Saint Athanasios and Saint Spiridon, is located a few kilometres outside the village of Pantanassa, which was named after the church.

Tradition has it that the church was built by Irene Palaiologou, the daughter of King Andronikos Palaiologos in 1300 AC. However, it was later proved that the church was built in the12th century.

The church is a five domed, octagon rhythm, cemetery and triune temple that has a lot of similarities with Pantanassa church at Mistras Castle and Pantanassa church in Arta.

The hiking route that starts from the church’s countryard leads through an astonishing green scenery to the Princess’s Castle.



Agios Athanasios of Pantanassa is located halfway on the road connecting Molai with Neapoli.

There is parking space outside the church.

If you wish to see the inside of the church, you should contact the priest of Pantanassa.

Telephone number: 6972122653

Free entrance


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