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A well-known route often used by mountaineering and hiking clubs as well as individual trekkers, it follows the old path linkng the two villages. It starts at a point on the Vrysi – Paralia road (two of  Kyparissi’s three settlements, the third being Mitropolis) just below the Vrysi school next to a large oak tree. At first it follows an unsurfaced road for 1,700 m west to a goatfold, where the old path begins to wind uphill, going north at first then west. Some 2,500 later it reaches the chapel of Aghia Varvara, where it crosses the X5 path (Palaiohora – Aghia Varvara).

The path is quite wide and in many places there are remnants of the old cobblestones. The view over the bay of Kyparissi is stunning. After Aghia Varvara the path enters a fir forest, still heading west. Some 1100 m further on, where it crosses a stream bed, the path meets the X4 route towards Babala. After crossing the stream bed, continue west along the path that keeps winding uphill.

Shortly afterwards is a small ridge (altitude 940 m), where the path turns soutwest to a hut and goat pen at Makria Lakka (after some 1,100). Continuing southwest, the path crosses another stream bed and another old hut and goat pen. Just 1,00 m from Makria Lakka it meets the 33 path next to a well. Follow this path west towards Kremasti, in the opposite direction from the route described for E33-X1. The path emerges on the Kremasti-Peleta road, 4.5 km east of Kremasti.


Category Mountain trek
Route Trek
Length (m) 10,099
Terrain (m) Path 7,404
Unsurfaced road 3,695
Surfaced road
Altitude (m) Start 45
Finish 880
Altitude (m) Lowest 45
Highest 1,083
Slope (average %)
Overall direction W
Difficulty 3 (1-5)   altaltalt
Signposts FEW
Beauty 4 (1-5)   altaltaltalt
Drinking water NO
Vegetation 5 (1-5)   altaltaltaltalt
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