The area around Monemvasia is ideal for all watersports and other outdoor activities. A wide variety of beaches ring the promontory, from the steep slopes of Mt. Parnon around Kyparissi on the east coast to Cape Maleas, providing dozens of opportunities. For windsurfing and kite surfing there are some of the best sites in Greece. For divers there are the submerged ancient cities of Pavlopetri and Plytra (where diving with snorkel and diving mask only is allowed).

Its winding coastline makes it an attractive destination for sailing, with safe harbours such as the fjord-like inlet of Gerakas. Depending on the time of year and prevailing winds, sailors will find plenty of enjoyment in both the Myrtoon Sea to the east and the Laconian Gulf to the west.

It would be no exaggeration to claim that the Monemvasia region is a hiking paradise. From north to south there are dozens of trails combining dazzling mountain scenery and sea views among the flora and fauna of the Peloponnese, picturesque settlements and historic monuments from all ages in the region’s history.

Geology buffs will enjoy exploring some of the dozens of caves in the region, particularly the well-organised and easily accessible KastaniaCave. Also not to be missed is the Petrified Forest just past Aghios Nikolaos, near Neapoli.

Rock climbing enthusiasts have two of Greece’s best climbs to choose from – one near Kyparissi and the other at Aghios Nikolaos, near Neapoli.


Eastern coast – Myrtoo
Western coast – Lakonian
Cape Maleas & Vatika

Windsurfing και Kitesurfing
Scuba Diving

Nature Hikes
Geologial Explorations:

Kastania Cave
Petrified Forest
Rock Climbing:

Fauna & Flora:

”Strongyli” Lagoon
Gerakas Wetland
The Larnaka Gorge

Strongyli Lagoon

Strongyli Lagoon is right next to Pounda beach, opposite Elafonisos and Pavlopetri.

It’s an important biotope, an extension of the wetlands of Maganos and Neratziona, part of a NATURA 2000 area, a stop-over site for migratory birds and the home of rare flora. An endangered species of cedar tree also survives here. The whole area is a historical and ecological treasury.

From the village Aghios Georgios, drive on to the settlement of Viglafia and turn left towards the lagoon just past the settlement.

Pounda, Viglafia, Agios Georgios Vion

Other routes

A variety of paths throughout the rest of the municipality either follow the coastline or are scattered throughout the surrounding hills and mountainsides. All are signposted, with red and white markers attached to fixed points (rocks, trees).

There are also signs indicating the code number and direction of each route. The direction indicated for each route is the suggested one, and naturally can be done in reverse.

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