The clear waters and golden sands of of Marathia beach are relatively hidden treasures, as the beach (whose northern end is known as Panaritis) is not well known.

The wide strand is ideal for beach sports and games, and there are several cafe-bars and restaurants in the settlement alongside.

good choice for…

Perfect for anyone wanting to enjoy the sea and sand away from large crowds.


Provides shelter from northerly or north-easterly winds.

The turnoff to Marathias is in the village of Elika, on the main road from Molai to Neapoli.
The beach lies two kilometres after the turnoff; parking space is available at the beach.

Petrified Forest

The petrified forest on the coast not far from the village of Aghios Nikolaos is included in the Aegean Geological Monument Atlas and justly claims its place in Europe’s Geopark Network.

At the coastal settlements of Aghia Marina, Korakas and Spitha, these fossils bear silent witness to their long-lost time.

According to a study by Professor Evangelos Velitzelos, the findings in the Aghios Nikolaos are are unique in Europe and of major scientific interest as the result of an original limestone petrification.

The professor’s research program and restoration work at the site have revealed palm trees, fruit and roots of palm trees and fauna typical of shallow waters such as mollusks, shellfish and sea urchins.

This work of nature is the result of the interaction of many geological phenomena over millions of years and is now a Geopark, having been cleaned, desalinated and stabilized, individual items having been restored or reconnected.

However protecting them from damage, particularly from human activities, remains a challenge.

Αn information center is open everyday during July and August from 10:00 to 19:00. Free guided tours are also offered. The tours are in Greek and English and last approximately 15 minutes.



The Petrified Forest is located at the coastal sites Agia Marina, Korakas and Spitha, just a few kilometres away from the village of Agios Nikolaos. Access is through a dirt road (2 km).

Parking space can be found at the entrance of the Petrified Forest.

Agios Nikolaos, Neapoli
The site of the Petrified Forest is freely accessible.

Free entrance