Visitors to the Monemvasia region will find plenty of products to choose from to take home for themselves and as gifts for their friends. Products that have evolved over thousands of years are on offer in local stores and from the producers themselves.

The top two on the list are definitely olive oil and wine, both of excellent quality. Other delicious local specialities include honey, various drinks, cheese and of course a wide range of sweets for which Monemvasia is famous.

Other products that have become identified with the region are the famous onions of Vatika (known as Vatikiotika) and seafood. Meanwhile, an increasing number of farmers in the region now grow their products organically.

Organic Products

A unique, unpolluted environment, the absence of factories and a strong farming tradition have provided ideal conditions for the growth of organic farming and livestock breeding in the Municipality of Monemvasia.

Local organic producers of high quality products, cultivated with respect for environmental protection, include extra virgin olive oil, table olives, wine, citrus fruits, vegetables, honey, dairy products and poultry, in accordance with accrediation procedures established by the European Union.


Visitors may contact the producers directly.

Sotiralis Farm, Kambos, tel.:27340-47625,

Malva Olive Oil, Aghios Nikolaos, Monemvasia, tel.:27320-53046,

Renieris Olive Groves  , Φοινίκι, tel.:27320-83135,

Nikolaos Tzavas – Stamatakos Farm, tel.: 27320-23163,

Archegono Olive Oil, Ladex, tel: 6972878007,

Monemvasia Winery, Velies, tel.: 27320-53096,

Biogreco Organic Chickens, Daimonia, tel: 2731035667,

Kalamata olives

Kalamata olives are the fruity crop of the tree Olea europaea var. ceraticarpa cultivated since the ancient years in the region of Monemvasia and all around the Southern Peloponnese peninsula. They have a distinct shape and taste.

Kalamata olives are hand picked at peak ripeness from October to December when they reach a deep purple, brown-black colour.

Curing in brine and wine vinegar gives Kalamata olives their typical robust sweet and sour slightly salty flavor bursting with Mediterranean aroma.

Essential in Greek salads and all kinds of salads, Kalamata olives are also perfect as appetizers raw or cooked in various dishes of the Mediterranean diet. , tel:+30 27320 23780