Monemvasia is not one of the most popular Easter destinations in Greece just by chance. The byzantine castle city looks like it is made to be lit up by candles- as it happens during the procession of the Epitaph on Holy Friday or at the night of Resurrection at the Church of Christ in Chains (Christos Elkomenos) – while the spring celebrates by filling with flowers the plateaus of the Upper City from which the view to the sea is pure magic.
One of the special traditions of the area is the burning of Juda in the evening of Easter Sunday that kids find exciting.
Apart from its Easter festivities and the local traditions, Monemvasia is an experience which you’ll live as you gaze at the sunrise from the lighthouse, climb the winding cobbled alleys that bring you to the imposing Upper City, hang out at the southern wall under a sky full of stars that hugs the pink panorama of the castle city, and if you’re brave enough by taking the first dip of the year from Portello.
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