The sea around Monemvasia Municipality is a diving paradise for divers, both beginners and advanced.
Two sunken cities with extremely high historical and diving interest (Plytra and Pavlopetri) lie in this sea area, as well as two shipwrecks – one on the side of the Aegean Sea and the other on the side of the Laconian Gulf.
These shipwrecks date back to the ancient years and to more recent times respectively and can be exquisite diving destinations that can offer unique images, for all divers.
We present you with 2+2 diving destinations in the Aegean Sea and the Laconean Gulf, which are the suggestions of an experienced professional diver with deep knowledge of the area.

Aegean Archipelago
1. Kiparissi: karavi region: Access only by boat. In this diving place there is a shipwreck that dates back to the 2nd to 4th century A.D. in a depth of 25 to 45 meters.
2. Reihia, towards the end of Glyfada beach.

Laconean Gulf
1. Neapoli. There are a lot of diving places.
2. Archagelos area (by boat)


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