The Castle of Agia Paraskevi is one of the most beautiful castles in Monemvasia. It is situated between Neapolis and Mesohori.
It was constructed during the post byzantine era (13th – 14th centuries) at an utterly strategic (and elevated) point, which stands at a dominant part of the valley of Voion, while it used to control all overland passageways.
It is said that the Castle of Agia Paraskevi along with the Koulentianos Tower and the Tower of the “Killer” were interconnected to protect the area and its inhabitants from the pirates.
For this reason, it is estimated that on the Castle, there were three big buildings along with a church and a three-storey tower/ observatory.
During the Frank rule, the whole area the Castle controlled was handed over to the rulers of Monemvasia by William of Villehardouin II. It was later ceded to the Despotate of Mystras.
The Castle of Agia Paraskevi is a place one should definitely visit, as it is one of the best places from where you will enjoy panoramic views to the valley of Voion, Elafonissos or even Kithira.

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