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A really beautiful route on Mt. Hionovouni’s fir-covered slopes, a region that is part of the Natura network. Starting 4.5 km out of Kremasti on the road to Peleta, at first it follows an unsurfaced road heading southeast for two kilometres to a goatfold; From here a path leads uphill, winding through a forest of firs. After passing through a hollow divided into fields, it climbs a little more to an altitude of about 1,080 m. The path then descends a little; about 1,700 m from the end of the unsurfaced road it crosses the X2 path to Kyparissi by a well. Keep heading southeast as the path rises and falls through successive dips in the hills through old fields. Some 3,200 m later, in another hollow, it meets the X3 path (Harakas – Kyparissi). Our route follows this for 660 m towards Harakas, then continues slightly to the right beside another goatfold.  Following the stream bed downhill, it crosses a larger streambed then continues uphill to another streambed to a ridge at an altitude of about 1,000m. The landscape here is bare of trees; The path begins to descend a gentle slope through a gorge, leaving an old windmill to the left (east). The path moves away from the gorge as it becomes gradually steeper, continuing to wind downhill with a view towards Xirokambos. It ends at a narrow unsurfaced road 4,050 m from the goatfold on X3. Head west on this road, turning onto a wider one towards the southeast, ignoring smaller roads at junctions, to reach the surfaced road from Lambokambos to Kremasti some 1,330 m later. Turn left for 100 m to the chapel of Aghios Konstantinos and Eleni at the junction of the roads to Harakas, Kremasti and Lambokambos.

Category Mountain trek
Route Trek
Length (m) 12,977
Terrain (m) Path 9,513
Unsurfaced road 3,353
Surfaced road 111
Altitude (m) Start 880
Finish 550
Altitude (m) Lowestvv 545
Highest 1,083
Slope (average %)
Overall direction SE
Difficulty 3 (1-5)  
Signposts FEW
Beauty 4 (1-5)  
Drinking water NO
Vegetation 5 (1-5)  
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