Thanks to its vast coastline and its rich, in contradictions natural beauty, Monemvasia Municipality is one of the few areas in Greece that has such a big number of splendid and at the same time different beaches. Large sandy beaches or full of pebbles, organized, with Blue Flag awards, isolated and remote, easily accessible or well hidden, Monemvasia has its own vacations suggestion.

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This suggestion has mainly to do with teal, crystal clear waters, regardless of the fact that the background may be rocky or full of lush slopes and mountains. It is not only the seven beaches (Neapoli, Archangelos, Pachia Ammos in Plytra, Monemvasia, Pori, Tigania and Megali Ammos in Kyparissi) that were awarded with the Blue Flag this year, a reward not only for the excellent quality of their crystal clear waters but also for the high degree of safety and organization the visitors enjoy.

How could anyone ignore Agia Kyriaki’s beach (approximately 1 km away from Megali Ammos) and omit to swim in its teal waters having a panoramic view of Kyparissi along with the imposing massif of Parnonas? How could anyone not look for Vlihada’s beach (7km away from Richia), possibly the most beautiful of Zarakas, where the crystal clear waters match perfectly well with the lush mountain and the red color of the rocks; or the double beach of Panagia, one with pebbles, the other sandy, near the Cave of Kastania, in Vatika?

While, there might be the impression that the east coast of the Municipality offers amazing imagery from its small coastal oases, the journey to the west coast, in Vatika, hides even more wonderful surprises. The Blue Flag awarded beach Tigania (the largest beach of the area-mostly sandy with some pebbles- which lies 2km approximately away from Elia settlement), the utterly beautiful Bozas, with its sandy beach, the cosmopolitan Pachia Ammos in Plytra, the one of a kind Haragia, famous for its colorful pebbles and its deep crystal clear waters and the serene beach of Archangelos are but some of the beaches on the Laconian gulf that come up to the likes, needs and demands of the visitor.

Although, these splendid beaches are quite easy to find, there are some more in the broader area of Kavomalias and Vatika that require some more effort to be spotted. One of these is the magnificent beach of Lygia, sitting near the fossil forest of Agia Marina or the profound beach of Agios Pavlos lying near Velanidia, the natural setting of which seems to allure the visitor’s thoughts and senses.

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Furthermore, the beaches Neratzionas and Ammitsa in Vatika are fascinating as well, while Pori should not be missed, since the rock of the Castle Town comprises its surrounding setting.

What is more, Pori is considered to be one of the best beaches for surfers, especially when northeastern and eastern winds prevail, while those who long for water sports and more action, a stop at the majestic beach of Magganos with its golden sand should not be omitted either, as it is considered to be a top notch place for both windsurfing and kite surfing.

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