Ever since being discovered a few years ago by Greek climbers, the rock climbing area of Kyparissi is now an international destination for enthusiasts of the sport.

What is special about it is the combination of the cliffs and superb views over the Aegean Sea as far as the islands of Hydra and Spetses, even Porto Heli, which seem to be at one’s feet.  On a clear day some of the Cycladic islands (Milos, Sifnos, Serifos or Kythnos) appear like rocks flung down into the deep blue sea.

So far 15 climbing routes have been established, thanks to the voluntary efforts of Greek and French climbers, who say there is a potential for hundreds of routes of varying difficulty.

The cliffs are limestone, vertical but with stalagmites, caves and in some cases over 50 metres high. Routes already opened are equipped with stainless steel bolts and are of medium to high difficulty.

Some of the routes are just a minute from the road, others are an hour’s walk. One area is right above the Carved Asclepium and the village.

Climbing holidays here are ideal throughout the year. In summer, there is the added attraction of clean pebbly beaches, at other times the network of hiking trails through forests to isolated chapels, historic monuments and cliffs with panoramic views of the open sea.

There are several hotels (total capacity 500 beds) and tavernas serving fresh fish and traditional dishes. There are two supermarkets, a bakery and three cafe-bars.

The local municipal bureau supplies equipment including SDS drills for those who wish to open up new routes on existing areas, in exchange for accommodation by arrangement with the municipality.

For further information contact the village president Giorgos Polychroniou, tel. 6946.226057



Kyparissi is reached from Molai (the seat of the Municipality of Monemvasia), a distance of 50 km, or from Sparta via Geraki, Aghios Dimitrios and Kremasti.

There is a bus service twice a week (Mondays and Fridays) from Molai.

On arriving in Kyparissi, the beginning of the climbing area is visible to the left as one reaches the first houses. The road leads on right underneath the main areas.

Kyparissi, Zarakas

Best time to visit:
The climbing area of Kyparissi has a north-northeast orientation, making it ideal even in summer as the cliffs are largely in shadow, particularly in the afternoon.

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