From the beautiful seaside village of Kyparissi, it is hard to imagine that hidden amongst the surrounding cliffs lies a large fir forest on a mountainside offering a number of lovely hikes.  The entirety of Mt. Hionovouni comprises a Natura habitat and was once filled with human activities, as evidenced by the many huts and goatfolds and terraced fields, most of them now abandoned. A series of paths, based on the original network, provide an opportunity to enjoy these traces of human endeavour and to enjoy the wonderful landscape. The main route forms part of national hiking path 33 that crosses Hionovouni from the village of Kremasti to Lambokambo.

Other routes branch off to villages in the foothills – the three settlements of Kyparissi and Harakas. All the paths can be combined as desired, beginning and ending at different points, depending on hikers’ interests and abilities.



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