The Evangelistria Monastery (Monastery of the Annunciation) is a convent situated on a promontory at Pyla, between Gerakas and Riechia. The view from the monastery of the surrounding Myrtoon Sea and the Argolid is truly magical. It was built in the early 19th century by the hermit Georgios Kyriakos (aka Stournaros) who lived in the area after moving there from Mt. Athos.

It consists of a building containing two chapels (Aghios Georgios and the Annunciation of the Virgin), although this is not obvious unless pointed out, and other monastery buildings.



The monastery is 10 kilometres from Gerakas and 10 from Riechia. There is plenty of parking space available. There is no public transport to the site.



The monastery is always open.


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